Default Forwarding Reply Rule

The following guide will show you the exact steps to follow to setup a default reply rule and receive an email for each opt-out received on your account.

Simply click on "Account Settings" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Opt-Outs" tab, and follow these easy steps:

Default Forwarding Reply Rule

Add your preferred email address under the "Email" section, as seen below:


Once you have added the required information, you can click on "Update Settings" to the bottom-right of your screen and your settings will be saved. You will then receive an email every time someone opts-out of any messages sent from the account.


Opt-Out Phrases

  • If a recipient replies to a message received from an account with the following phrases as an example, they will automatically be added to the account's opt-out list:
    Opt-Out / Remove / Unsubscribe / Stop / Spam / Quit / Delete / Any Profanity


Important Information

  • An automated response can be triggered to all incoming Opt-Out messages by adding the required message to the "Confirmation Message" field.