Searching for a User Account

The following guide will show you how to search for a specific user account.

Simply click on "Accounts" on the left-hand control panel menu and follow these easy steps:

Searching for a User Account

Search for a specific user account by entering the username in the "Search" field . You can then click on "Search" to the bottom-right of your screen and the requested account will appear, as seen below:


Once the account appears, you will be able to edit, add and remove credits or download a send report for the specific user account.


Download All

  • You have the option of downloading a file containing all your user accounts and the relevant information linked to it, by clicking on the "Download All" button to the top-right of your screen.


Important Information

  • You have the option of clicking on "Search" without adding a username and the system will show you a list of all your user accounts.