Maintaining your Numbers

The following guide will show you how to search for a specific number within a group and how to edit, copy or move the specific number to another group.

Simply click on "Groups" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Maintain Numbers" option and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Search

Search for a number within a group by first selecting the group under the "Group Name" option. You can then type the specific number in the "Number" field and click on "Search" to the right of your screen, as seen below:

Once the above has been selected, your number will show in the "Search Results" section and you can then tick the relevant box to the left of the number to edit, move, copy, send a message to or delete the specific number.


Important Information

  • You also have the option of searching for a specific number by Value, and this can be done by adding the relevant information linked to the number under the "Advanced Options" section.

Step 2: Edit

Select the "Edit" button to the right of the screen next to the specific number you would like to edit. You will then have the option of changing the specific number or values linked to that number, as seen below:

Once you are happy with your changes, click on "Save" and your new details will be captured.

Step 3: Move or Copy

You can move or copy a number to a different group by ticking the relevant box to the left of the specific number, and then clicking on "Move/Copy Selected" to the top right of the "Search Results" section. Once you have selected to either move or copy the number and selected the specific group you would like to move or copy it to, you can click on "Copy/Move Number" to make the changes, as seen below:

Once you have confirmed the selection, your number will be moved or copied to the specified group.



  • Please note: You can only copy/move data to your groups.
    If you select 'Move' and group has read-only access, it will copy the data.

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