Deleting a Contact from a Group

The following guide will show you how to delete a contact from one of your groups.

Simply click on "Contacts" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Manage Contacts" option and follow these easy steps:

Deleting a Contact

Select the specific group and enter the contact's number you would like to delete under the "Number" field and click on "Search" to the right of your screen. Once the contact appears, select it by ticking the relevant box to the left of the contact and proceed to click on "Delete", as seen below:


Once you have confirmed the deletion of the contact, it will disappear from your group(s).


Important Information

  • When searching for a contact, kindly use the international format specific to your country, i.e. 27812345678 for South Africa, etc.
  • If the same contact's number appears in multiple groups, you will need to specify the group you wish to delete the contact from, by selecting the relevant group next to "Group Name".