The following guide will show you how to search for, and manage numbers that have opted out of your account, as well as numbers that you manually added to your accounts' Opt-Out list.

The Opt-Out feature is built in to the platform, which allows any customer to Opt-Out from messages received from a specific account, when they reply with any of the fixed Opt-Out phrases. This feature is set by default and does not require any setup.

Simply click on "Sending" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Opt-Outs" option and follow these easy steps:

Searching for a Number

Enter the specific number you are looking for in the "Opt-Out Number Search" section to the right of your screen, and click on "Search". The system will then show you if the number is part of your Opt-Out list, as seen below:


Viewing a Number's History

To view the Opt-Out history of a specific number, simply search for the number as per the first step, and select the "View History" option, as seen below:


Importing a Number to your Opt-Out list

To add a number(s) to your Opt-Out list, simply select the "+Add Opt-Out" option to the top right of your screen, and choose to either import a single number, or bulk file, as seen below:


Removing a Number from your Opt-Out list

To delete a number from your account's Opt-Out list, simply search for the number, and select the "Remove from Opt-Out List" option. You can then specify which user account's Opt-Out list to remove it from, by ticking the relevant box and click on "Remove Opt-Outs", as seen below:


Downloading your Opt-Out list

To download a list of all your Opt-Outs, simply click on the "Download List" button to the top-left of your Opt-Outs screen, and choose your preferred file type. The system will then download a list of all your Opt-Outs, as seen below:


Important Information

  • The system will accept the following number formats when importing single numbers: 27831234567 / 0831234567 / 831234567
  • Before uploading a bulk file to your account's blacklist, ensure that you make use of a CSV or Text file only, and that the numbers are in column A of your document.
  • NOTE: The above examples used are based on South African number ranges and the format may differ, depending on your country prefix.


Opt-Out Phrases

  • If a recipient replies to a message received from an account with the following phrases as an example, they will automatically be added to the account's opt-out list:
    Opt-Out / Remove / Unsubscribe / Stop / Spam / Quit / Delete / Any Profanity