Custom URL


Custom URL's allow for the customization of your shortened URL, to show your own URL instead of the generic URL. This adds more authenticity to your message and allows your customers to feel secure when clicking on a URL link that they receive in an SMS message.

Custom URL's allow for the same tracking and reporting as the generic shortened URL.

Step 1: Setup

In order to use a custom URL, the domain must be owned by you and if you do not already own the domain, please purchase the domain you wish to use for your custom URL before moving on to step 2.

Step 2: Redirect

You would then need to ensure that all traffic going to your new domain is redirected to our generic URL.

Most providers allow for forwarding on the domain provider's interface, in this case simply specify the URL as the new forwarding URL.

Step 3: Update

Once you have purchased your domain and completed the forwarding or redirect setup, kindly notify us of the exact URL you would like to use for your custom URL and which username it should be added to. This custom URL will then be added to your account and can then be used when creating shortened URLs.


URL Redirect

  • In the scenario where this forwarding functionality is not available, the server where the domain is hosted, should redirect any requests that are received to