Sending a Landing Page (Website)

The following guide will show you how to make use of your Landing Page if you are sending via the website.

Simply click on "Sending" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Send Message" option and follow these easy steps:

Sending a Landing Page

Once you have selected your group, you will be able to insert your Landing Page into your message, by selecting the specific Landing Page from the "Landing Pages" tab, as seen below:


Once you have finished editing your message, you can continue by clicking the "Preview & Send" button. The system will show you a preview containing an example with your Landing Page under the "Message Previews" section, as seen below:


If you are happy with the contents of your message, you can select "Send", and your Bulk SMS campaign will be sent out, which will include your selected Landing Page.


Important Information

  • Please note that XXXXXX will show in your shortened URL on the preview screen, but will be replaced with a unique ID as soon as your message is sent.