Date Range Report

The following guide will show you how to create a Date Range Report for a summary, as well as a detailed line-item report on all sent messages.

Simply click on "Reporting" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Date Range" option and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Select

Click on "+ Create Report" at the top right of your screen, complete the required fields and select the specific information you would like to be included in your report, as seen below:


Step 2: Specify & Create

You also have the option of altering your reports by selecting additional information you would like to be included. Simply click on the "Include" option under the "Detailed Report" section, as seen below:


Once you have selected your additional fields, you can proceed to generate your report by clicking on "+ Create" at the bottom right of your screen. Once the report has been generated you will be able to download it from within your account, and you will also receive an email as confirmation that your report is ready to download.


Downloading Large Files

  • Depending on the file size, it could take a few minutes for the report to generate before you will be able to download it. You will, however, receive an email notification once the report is available.


Important Information

  • You have the option of including your report in the email notification that is sent to you once the report has been generated, if the report is less than 2MB. This can be done by selecting the "Attach Report to Email" option, before creating your report.
  • Kindly note that data is only stored for up to 12 months, after which it will be archived and no longer available.