API Keys

The following guide will show you how to change and edit your API keys and credentials.

The "API Keys" page is where your API keys, credentials, and settings can be managed. All existing Master Accounts (prior to 6 June 2023) by default will have 4 channels active, i.e. FTP, HTTP, Email & Web Service. Each Key has unique credentials and are specific for that channel. Credentials can be changed at any stage, but it is important to note that by changing the credentials, any current implementation that uses those credential will break.

Kindly note that newly created Master Accounts, including Sub-Accounts, will not have any active channels. Simply click on the "+Create API Key" button to the top-right of the relevant account to create and manage your credentials.

Changing your Credentials

Simply click on "Settings " on the left-hand control panel menu and select the "API Keys" option. You will find a list of all your active API Channels, and can proceed to click on the "Actions" icon to the right of a specific channel. You will then be able to make the necessary changes, as seen below:


  • The ability to add additional REST API Keys are coming soon.