Website/FTP - Cancelling a Scheduled Message

Simply click on "Reporting" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Sent / Queued" option and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Search

Select the specific date range for the scheduled messages, and click on "Search" to the right of your screen.

Step 2: Pause

Clicked on "View", and pause the scheduled messages by clicking on "Pause" to the bottom right of your screen.

Step 3: Cancel

Select the "Cancel" option to completely cancel the messages.


Important Information

  • Once you have cancelled your scheduled messages, your credits will be refunded to your account.
  • Cancelled messages will still be visible in your "Sent / Queued" history, even though they have been successfully cancelled.
  • A scheduled message cannot be edited. You will need to cancel it completely and reschedule it should you need to make any changes.


Releasing a Scheduled Message

  • If you select "Release" instead of "Cancel", the system will unpause the messages, and it will go out at the original scheduled date and time.


Soap & HTTP Channels

Please note that messages sent via the SOAP and HTTP channels can be cancelled by following this GUIDE.