Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide detailed delivery reports?

Yes, we offer a range of reports which users can view or download in real-time from the "Reporting" section on the account.

Where can I see if my messages were successfully sent?

You can view a status report of your sent messages by going to the "Reporting" section of your account and selecting the "Sent/Queued" option.

Where do I see my incoming replies?

You can view all your replies by going to the "Reporting" section on your account and selecting the "Replies" option.

What does the status of my import results mean?

IMPORTED NUMBERS - The total amount of new cell numbers that have been imported into the group.

UPDATED NUMBERS - The existing cell numbers in a group that received new values when the updated file was imported.

INVALID NUMBERS - The count of incorrect mobile numbers or any entry where there was no cell number (they are not imported).

DUPLICATE NUMBERS - Numbers that were already in the group (they are not imported).

OPTED-OUT NUMBERS - These recipients have requested to be removed from the database (they are not imported).