Keyword Application

The following guide will show you how to apply for a specific keyword on our shared short code 43366.

Simply click on "Short Codes" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Keyword Application" option and follow these easy steps:

Keyword Application

Type your desired keyword in to the "Keyword" field and click on "Apply" to the right of your screen, as seen below:


Once you have applied for a specific keyword, and would like to go ahead with the activation, you would need to contact us and request for an invoice. Once we receive the proof of payment, we will be able to activate the keyword on your account.



  • The specific keyword is on one of our shared short codes and SMSs are charged at standard network rates.
  • Free SMSs or bundle SMSs do not apply and the sender would need a positive airtime balance to be able to send a message to a 5-digit short code.
  • If a keyword has already been taken, the system will inform you that it is not available and you would need to apply for a different keyword.


Important Information

  • Keywords are not case sensitive but the spelling of the keywords are crucial, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve the incoming messages on your account.
  • Keyword pricing is available on our website and you can view it by clicking HERE.
  • The proof of payment can be sent to [email protected]. Please remember to include the username of the account where the specific keyword needs to be allocated to, when sending through your proof of payment.