Using a Shortened URL (API)

Step 1: Create

Create a Shortened URL first by logging in to your account via our website.

Step 2: Send

Use the exact original URL, as the one used to create your shortened URL, when sending via an API.

RESTful Example:

POST /bulkmessages HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer [Your Authorization Token]
Accept: application/json
  "Messages": [
      "Content": "Hello John. Our new API is available. Click to learn more.",
      "Destination": "27830000000"


SMS Example


Important Information

  • When sending your messages, it will show as a long URL on your system when processing, but will be received by the recipients as a shortened URL.


Not Supported

  • Please note that the URL shortener is not supported for pre-paid SMPP customers.