Using a Shortened URL (API)

The following guide will show you how to make use of your shortened URL if you are sending via an API.

Important Information

Please note that only the below methods of sending support the URL shortening function:

  • Website
  • RESTful
  • SMPP
  • SFTP to SMS
  • Email to SMS

Step 1:

You would first need to create a Shortened URL by logging in to your account via our website. If you have not created a shortened URL as yet, you can do so by following these STEPS.

Below is an example of an already created shortened URL.

Step 2:

Using the normal process of sending messages through your API channel, you would need to use the exact original URL as the one used to create your shortened URL. This will ensure that the link is shortened, allowing for full tracking on all outgoing messages, as seen on the below RESTful example:

POST /bulkmessages HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer [Your Authorization Token]
Accept: application/json
  "Messages": [
      "Content": "Hello John. Our new API is available. Click to learn more.",
      "Destination": "27830000000"

When sending your messages, it will show as a long URL on your system when processing, but will be received by the recipients as a shortened URL, as seen in the below example: