EFT/Direct Deposit Payments

The following guide will show you what processes to follow when paying via EFT (Electronic Transfer) or Direct Deposit.


Credit Expiry

  • All credits purchased are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


International Payments

  • Please note that international electronic transfers to SMSPortal's bank account does not require an IBAN number.
  • SMSPortal does have a SWIFT code (BIC), and this can be found on all invoices generated from within the account.

Simply click on "Buy Now" at the top right of your screen and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Generate Invoice

In order to pay via EFT (Electronic Transfer) or Direct Deposit, you need to generate an invoice from within your account. If you have not yet done this, you can click on the below button to see the quick steps involved in generating your invoice.

Requesting an Invoice

Step 2: View Banking Details

SMSPortal's banking details are available on the invoices that are generated from within your SMSPortal account, as seen below:


Step 3: Confirm Amount

Please ensure that you are paying the exact amount as stated on your invoice, as SMSPortal will not be able to allocate the credits to your account if the payment does not match your invoice, as seen below:


Step 4: Make Payment

Kindly add your Username or Invoice Number as a reference for the payment, as SMSPortal will not be able to allocate the credits to your account if we cannot establish who the payment is from, as seen below:


Step 5: Proof of Payment

Send your proof of payment to [email protected] to avoid any delays, and we will allocate the credits to your account as soon as we receive it during office hours.

Step 6: Send

You will receive an email notification once your credits have been allocated to your account. You can then log out and back in to your account for your credits to reflect.


Important Information

  • If you are using the EFT (Electronic Transfer) payment option, you may add SMSPortal as a beneficiary on your online banking profile to make the payment process easier for future payments.
  • If you are using the Direct Deposit payment option, the funds should clear immediately, but to avoid any delays from the bank, you may send a copy of your deposit slip to [email protected] to have your credits loaded immediately.


EFT and Direct Deposit Payments

  • Kindly note that you will need to ensure that the above processes are followed within office hours in order for SMSPortal to load your credits on time.
  • Office Hours:
  • Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 17:00
  • Public Holidays: Closed