Importing a Single Contact

The following guide will show you how to import a single contact into a birthday group. You will need to create a group first, before importing any contacts.

Simply click on "Birthdays" on the left-hand control panel menu, and follow these easy steps:

Importing a Single Contact

Once you have selected the specific group, you can import a single contact by clicking on the "Actions" button to the right of your screen. Type the number into the “Number” field and select the day and month of the birthday in the relevant fields. You can then add any other information in Values 1 – 4, if required. Click on “Save” to add the contact to the group, as seen below:


Once the contact has been uploaded, the system will display a "Success" pop-up, confirming that the contact was successfully saved to your group, and your birthday message will automatically be sent on the specified date and time.


Important Information

  • The system will accept the following number formats when importing single contacts: 27831234567 / 0831234567 / 831234567
  • NOTE: The above examples used are based on South African number ranges and the format may differ depending on your country prefix.