Adding Bulk Numbers

The following guide will show you how to add bulk numbers to your account's blacklist.


File Format

  • Before uploading a bulk file to your account's blacklist, ensure that you make use of a CSV or Text file only, and that the numbers are in column A of your document.

Simply click on "Reporting" on the left-hand control panel menu, select the "Opt-Outs (Blacklist)" option and follow these easy steps:

Adding Bulk Numbers

Import your numbers in bulk by selecting the "+Blacklist" option. You can then click on “Bulk (from file)” and select your file. Once you have selected the file, click on “Upload” to add all the numbers to your accounts' blacklist, as seen below:

Once the numbers have been blacklisted, you will get a confirmation that the numbers have been removed from all your groups. If a number was not in any group, it would still have been added to the account's blacklist and you will not be able to import it to any of your groups from this point forward.


Blacklisted Numbers

  • Numbers that have been added to your blacklist will not be able to be imported into any groups on your account again and you will no longer be able to send a Bulk message to these numbers.
  • Sending a single message under the "Send Single Message" option on the account, to a blacklisted number, is not considered as a "Bulk" or "Marketing" related message and will be delivered to the handset if sent through this channel.


Important Information

  • The system will accept the following number formats when importing single numbers: 27831234567 / 0831234567 / 831234567
  • NOTE: The above examples used are based on South African number ranges and the format may differ depending on your country prefix.

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