Instant EFT Payments

The following guide will outline the steps for making a payment through Instant EFT from within your account.


Credit Expiry

  • All credits purchased are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Simply click on "Buy Now" at the top right of your screen and follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Select Option

Once you have completed the steps for buying credits, you can select the "Instant EFT" option under the "Payment Method" page and click on "Complete Purchase", as seen below:


Step 2: Select Method

Select your payment method by clicking on the "Instant EFT with Ozow" option, as seen below:


Step 4: Choose Bank

Select your preferred bank, as seen below:


Step 5: Enter Credentials

Enter your online banking credentials and click on "Login", as seen below:


Step 6: Choose Account

Select your preferred bank account for the transaction and click on "Continue", as seen below:


Step 7: Verify Payment

Depending on your bank, you would need to verify the online payment through your Banking App or with an OTP (One Time Pin), as seen below:



Important Information

  • Please note that the FNB Banking App was used for the above verification process. Different banks may have slightly different processes.

Step 8: Confirm

Once you have approved the transaction, you will see a transaction result window pop-up confirming that your transaction has been successful, pending authorisation, as seen below:


Step 9: Send

Once you have closed the transaction result window, you can proceed to view your invoices or go back to your dashboard, as seen below:



First Time Payments

  • To ensure authenticity and security, all first-time customer payments will need to be verified before credits will reflect. This process could take several hours to complete during office hours only.


Important Information

  • Please note that an FNB account was used in the above example. Different banks may have slightly different processes.